I’m a travel lover, not hater and I love Sin City. But at the same time there are 10 things I hate about Las Vegas and here they are, in no particular order. You’ll have to let me know if you agree or disagree in the comments.

Las Vegas Mastercard and Expedia Rewards Priceless Moments Dec 2013 -0231. Bumpy flights
When the temperature rises in the summer, especially around 100F (38C), descending into Las Vegas is no fun. My advice is not to eat anything that’s likely to upset your stomach. And look out the window at the horizon for the last 12 minutes or so, so you don’t feel nauseous.Las-Vegas-Taxi Line2. Long taxi lines
The moment you land in Vegas you will surely be greeted by a long taxi line to leave the airport. Get used to it because pretty much every hotel taxi line will be the same. Leave plenty of time to get to your destination.

DSC_00573. Traffic/Taxi Drivers
Vegas has terrible traffic and most of the taxi drivers I’ve had try and take me the long way from the airport to the hotel. If you want to save money, tell them that you want to take the surface streets, not the freeway. But if you are pressed for time and don’t care that your ride may cost $6+ or more, then tell them whatever is quicker.

Vegas Taxi4. Taxis charge $3 for paying by credit card
I’m so sick of falling for travel scams and I learned about this one the hard way. If you pay for your taxi ride by credit card, you’re charged a $3 fee and the drivers don’t disclose this in advance. The city of Las Vegas should make the company that owns the machine (VeriFone), change the wording from ‘voucher’ to ‘fee’ (see photo above).

Travel tip: No matter where you are in the world, be sure to ask if there’s an extra charge for using your credit card because I know they do this in England, too.

DSC_00625. Long check-in lines
Every time I stay at one of Vegas’ large hotels, there’s a long line that snakes around the corner. I usually end up waiting at least 30 minutes but it feels a lot longer since I’m usually in a hurry to meet friends, work or go to the loo. I do know that these hotels have a ridiculously high number of rooms but that’s all the more reason for them to ensure more employees are staffing the check-in desks or offer keyless check-in.

Vegas Resort Fees6. Resort fees
Every traveler I know despises resort fees – myself included. I think it’s a travesty that hotels can get away with charging a mandatory nightly surcharge to cover the cost of certain amenities, regardless whether you use them or not. The worst part is that most of these fees are unadvertised and travelers don’t find out until they check in.

When it comes to Vegas, there’s not much you can do about this except try to book hotels that don’t have resort fees or choose another destination since only a handful of Vegas hotels don’t have a resort fee.

Basically, you should just be prepared to shell out an extra $5-$25 a night. Here’s Vegas Chatter’s comprehensive guide to all of the resort fees in Las Vegas and what they’ll get you in return. Use this information before booking your trip.

DSC_00747. The water tastes like rotten goat cheese
OMG – Las Vegas is so dry and I’m always parched. The one free bottle of water that some hotels leave in the room lasts me five minutes and drinking the tap water tastes disgusting – like rotten goat cheese. I don’t know how it’s even safe to drink in the first place. Instead of shelling out $5+ for a bottle of water from your minibar or buying one for almost the same price in the hotel’s gift shop, walk to one of the chain pharmacies on the strip. I was staying at the Aria and there was a CVS and a Walgreens just a couple (long) blocks away. At Walgreens, a gallon of water costs just $1.99.

Aria Hotel Las Vegas April 2013-0068. Minibars have sensors
Most Vegas hotels have those evil mini bars where, even if you just pick something up to read the ingredients, you are automatically charged .. and the prices are not cheap. Advice: When you check out, go over your bill carefully and if you’ve been wrongly charged, dispute it before leaving the hotel.

Aria Hotel Las Vegas April 2013-0049. There’s no fresh air
I love many Las Vegas hotel rooms but I don’t like the fact that you can’t open the windows – not even a crack to get some fresh air. When I was walking out to get some water, the person walking next to me exclaimed, “FRESH AIR!!” after she walked through the doors for the first time in who knows how long.

Las Vegas Pool with dudes10. The pools are disgusting
When it’s 100+ degrees out I’m betting one of the first things you imagine yourself doing, after checking into your room, is donning your bathing suit and going for a quick dip, right? Wrong! Unless you’re staying at one of the quiet exclusive hotels, chances are your hotel pool is going to be filled with rowdy drunk dudes who are all competing for the one pretty girl who isn’t hired to be there. The worst part is that these guys don’t want to miss their chance of scoring so I suspect they aren’t bothering to get out of the pool to relieve themselves properly. Eww!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Vegas for a couple of nights but there are some things I just despise about the place. Do you think I’m overreacting or do you agree? Would you add anything else to this list? Let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. heidi|

    WOW ! You are right on with this on Johnny ! lol.. There is one hotel .. The Imperial Palace on the strip that we stayed in that actually had a balcony that opened up that looked into the Courtyard outside of Harris with shopping vendors outside. lol… my boyfriend couldn’t believe that the balcony doors opened and that he got to stand out and look down at the crowd. We. thought Vegas balconies did not exist do to jumpers ! We got the room at a super cheap rate. 1st and last time we would stay there.

    1. Anonymous|

      In Vegas right now and both my wife and I hate it more than anything EVER! No wonder why you can’t open a window because you literally want to jump out of it .. ?never come here

      1. Anne|

        I was there in August…That place is disgusting and should be used to test weapons!!!

  2. Phill Orth|

    you hit it on the head…as I knew you would. The lack of fresh air and dirty pools are oh so true.

  3. thepixinator|

    I’ve never been to Vegas, mainly because I don’t really get the whole “excess for excess’s sake” vibe (same reason I have no desire to go to Dubai), and now I have ten more reasons to save my money and travel elsewhere. Nasty!

  4. Melissa Curtin|

    Totally agree! Funny post, but true.

  5. Adeel|

    Love the part about the water. It really is disgusting.

  6. sandalsdownunda|

    Thanks for the tips. Great timing as I’m heading there on Sunday!

  7. sandi mckenna|

    You said exactly what I was thinking!

  8. Scott|

    Your right on target. I try to take public bus it only cost $2. And stay away the strip.

  9. Geri J.|

    I lived in Las Vegas for eight years. I liked it for a lot of reasons, even with its issues. As for visiting, here are some suggestions:

    While you are correct about the room air and inability to open a window, a number of hotels do have windows that open in the bathroom. It makes a big difference. And you are right about the water: it is utterly disgusting. The locals don’t drink it, that’s for sure. First thing to do after checking in is to do exactly what you suggest: go to a Walgreens, or even a convenience store, and load up. If you have a car, there are also a few Trader Joe’s in the valley where you can pick up water and snacks. You will need more water than you think. The air tends toward 10%-15% humidity so you need to stay hydrated.

    It also sounds as if you never get off the Strip. You should consider it. There are many good off-Strip hotels with decent shuttle service just off the drunken lout corridor. Their rooms tend to be larger, and the number of rooms tend to be less than the huge casino-hotels. And, if you care, the gambling tends to be more skewed toward repeat local business and not the high-limit Strip action aimed at the tourists. Their pools tend to be much better, too, if not as fancy. Many of them offer bowling (very nice lanes) and nice multiplex cinemas. And downtown has really improved in the last few years. Worth checking out the good mid-range hotels and casinos in that area.

    If you want to avoid crowds in the check-in line or at the taxi stand, make sure you log on to the Las Vegas Visitor and Convention Bureau website. There you will find the convention schedule and the number of expected visitors. Do not book your visit when there are huge conventions in town, or early in March for NASCAR week where the speedway becomes the fourth largest city in Nevada. Some conventions attract over 50,000 attendees (and there may be more than one of these in town). Also, plan your trip for off-season. There are some sweet spots on the calendar, which you can determine by the actual cost of your room. High prices equal large conventions or events.

    The taxis even try to overcharge the locals. Again, you are correct to tell them to avoid the freeway journey. Surface streets, especially from the airport to the Strip, usually are faster. On the other hand, if you arrive at around 4pm on a Friday, all deals are off. The route from the airport often gets slammed by traffic from shift changes, the university, and every other weekend activity.

    As for the bumpy flights, the same weather issues occur in Salt Lake City and other desert-y cities. Some landings are worse than others.

    Why should you go, even if you don’t like gambling or casinos. Well, the shopping is amazing! Everything from the highest end to several really good outlet malls. Worth renting a car for a day or two just for that. In fact, many visitors never enter the casinos at all. They come in from all over the country just to shop. There are many fine restaurants, and many come to Las Vegas strictly for that. And the shows, some of which are quite fun. In addition, there is some fine hiking and adventure spots throughout the Valley, including Red Rock and Valley of Fire.

    Anyway, there are ways to go to Las Vegas that will make a huge difference in the quality of your stay. Nothing much to be done about the water, though.

    1. PhredG|

      Thank you Geri J. Excellent comment with lots of great info. I’m hoping Johnny Jet picks up on it and builds a full newsletter around how to enjoy LV off0the-strip.

      1. Callum Mc g m,an|


  10. Michael Kelly|

    All 100% correct except Number 4., Credit card surchages happen all over the world, not just in Las Vegas & England. This is endemic and I blame teh credit card companies for allowing it (and legislators)

  11. solotravelworld|

    Don’t go there if you don’t like it!

  12. gp|

    Maybe we should really stop feeding the comps to you every time you head to Vegas. Some 40 millions visitors this year will have a great time here. I think you are seriously overreacting for an experienced traveler.

  13. Roseanne Bottone|

    The Platinum Hotel off the strip (only about a 5 minute walk to the strip) is wonderful. It’s a no gambling and no-smoking hotel. There’s a quiet rooftop pool. They have beautiful kitchenette, 2-room suites. It is perfect for business! It’s away from all the craziness and noise.

  14. Colleen|

    RE: water, I started carrying a Camelbak groove with a Brita-like filter built in after it was recommended by a flight attendant. Such a game changer – I stopped having to haul myself to Walgreens/CVS and fill up using tapwater since the filter takes care of the awful taste. It’s also great in airports like SFO where there are water bottle fill stations; Take it empty through TSA and then fill up before I board.

  15. Margaret H|

    I ditto the comments of Geri J, but would like to add some suggestions. I lived in Vegas 5 years, in the southern part of the valley, not far from the South Point. I lived there while they were building the new addition. I return annually and always rent a car and stay at the South Point. I have been back home in Nebraska for 5 years and in my returns, have never stood in the registration line at the South Point more than 10 minutes. The staff in the entire hotel is fantastic. This is truly a family-friend hotel. The pool is spacious, guests have always been respectful when I have been there – not the loud drunken Johnny referenced – but rather families playing with their children. They have a wonderful theatre and bowling alley. And, as evening approaches, they have security strategically placed to check your room key before letting you past to get to the elevators.
    I always rent a car, it is a short distance from baggage claim to catch the bus to go to the new (in the past several years) centralized rental center. (I always use Enterprise and have never had a problem if I arrive early, and it seems like I always get the type of car I request.)
    South Point has shuttle service to the strip and several other locations.
    In the heat of the summer, there is nothing anyone can do about the turbulence in either arrival or departure.
    For your own health, always – always, carry a bottle of water and keep drinking. Dehydration sneaks up on you quicker than you realize.

  16. Anonymous|

    In Orlando, the first thing I do is find a Walgreens or CVS and call for water. They deliver it to your room by the case with no delivery charge. I also order snacks and soda for the room and anything else. It ‘s possible the same thing applies to Vegas, though I’ve never checked it out there. I love Las Vegas and think every adult needs to see it at least one time before they die. The downtown area is more for gambling, better returns. The Strip has great entertainment, shopping, and in general themed casinos which need to be seen to be believed.

  17. Bob Werner|

    Great column Johnny! I used to travel to Las Vegas 10+times a year on business and learned to get around a lot of what you mention here. We went back last year and stayed at the Mandalay Bay property and got nailed by almost everything you hate about Vegas!
    I did enjoy the resort but the cost for 2 1/2 days cost me as much as a 5 day vacation almost anywhere else. I guess I’m getting old!


  18. Darlene Fiske (@dfiske)|

    Would LOVE if more places had balconies. That is what I love about the Cosmopolitan. I also stayed at the Aria this month and little peeps of light came in through the curtains above (in a mountain view corner suite). Sleep is VITAL – if there is a smidge of sunlight, then give us eye masks. This is a huge pet peeve of mine in Vegas. We also go to Walgreens and here is a brilliant idea.. We buy a $20 coffee maker and bring coffee and filters from home and we have coffee in our room first thing in the morning (with water from Walgreens). We just leave the coffee maker there – it’s only $20! Same as a pot of coffee from room service cost for one morning. Great story Johnny – totally agree with all of these. I have a love/hate relationship with this place. Might be more on the love side if I could get better sleep.

  19. Wendy Strow|

    Everyone travels with a different set of priorities. You raise some legitimate points, but you missed the mark on offering a variety of valid solutions. Hate the bumpy landing? Go in the winter. Rates are lower and the pools are closed (which takes care of item 10 also). Hate the taxi lines and taxi drivers? If speed and service are of value to you, allocate a little of your gambling/dining/show budget towards a private car service, priority check-in option or perhaps an upgraded room that includes some VIP services. Again, depending on each traveler’s priorities, the budget can be re-directed to the details that make your travel experience what you want it to be. Expensive water and resort fees don’t just happen in Las Vegas. Resort fees are a fact of travel life and they don’t sway my decision to stay in a particular city or hotel, mainly because other factors matter to me more than how the hotel ultimately structures its room rate. The restaurants typically serve better filtered water, not the same as tap water in the rooms. Drink a glass at the beginning and end of each meal and you’ll be getting a good portion of what you need every day without paying extra. Mini-bar? Really? What traveler reading this column doesn’t already know this? And again, this is not just in Las Vegas. If you aren’t planning to eat or drink it, why pick it up in the first place? There’s a menu on the table. And speaking of food, you missed one challenging topic: The vast selection of dining options is both a good and a bad thing. If you don’t do a little research in advance to narrow down your favorite dinner options, you’ll either wait for hours, only get a last-minute reservation at 5 p.m. or 10 p.m., or not get in at all. Plan ahead, reserve ahead so you can be sure you don’t miss that one special dinner at your favorite super-star chef’s flagship restaurant or trendy new hot spot.

    1. Anonymous|

      Someone’s in a bad mood! I really enjoyed the article, and I was really happy to get all of the tips. I’ve never been to Vegas, and I haven’t done a lot of traveling. I may have picked something up in the mini-bar just to look at the label! Relax. And, is it true the pools are closed right now?

    2. loves2travel|

      You nailed it perfectly.

      1. Callum Mc g m,an|

        you nailed me perfectly

  20. Chuck|

    Johnny, interesting points but how about doing the 10 things you LOVE about Vegas? Remember how much fun you had at the craps table a # of years ago? My # 1 fav experience is to rent a car in Vegas because valet is FREE. You can’t get that in NYC.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Good idea! Will work on it

  21. Christina Bernstein|

    I agree with Geri J – I don’t live in LV but we have a factory there and I go for the day quite often. I’m not a Strip person at all, so Johnny’s comments definitely resound with me too. Two things I have found out in the last couple weeks:

    1. Super Shuttle will start going to private (i.e. office and home) addresses in the next month, because I have fallen prey to the evil taxi conspiracy and I hate it too. Super Shuttle ladies at McCarron told me 10 days ago that it should be possible very soon. I book via Southwest and earn points, I love the blue vans.

    2. Container Park downtown is very very cool and the locals there are super nice and friendly. The Zappos guy is renovating that area and if you go at night the giant mantis looks stunning.

  22. OChogger|

    F*~K Vegas. Armpit, sh*thole,smoking capital of the world, dumpster for people of the world that are on the run and you did not even touch on the crime rate!!!!!!

  23. Louise Johnson|

    Is it strange that I agree with most of your points and yet… I STILL LOVE IT!! Don’t blame me, I have the Vegas sickness.

  24. Randy|

    Wow – You read my mind! I hate that crap as well. (I do love the blackjack tables though – aint gonna lie.)

  25. Tony|

    Johnny: Like many cities they have their “ins and outs.” Mostly have traveled to Vegas on business for last number of years and very, very, rarely pleasure. Much better choices for pleasure travel IMHO. I always rent a car and skip the lines. Mostly don’t use valets but if I do I find it is worth my tip to have them park me where they have quick access to my vehicle. Always stop at convenience stores on way to hotels to buy water and snacks for room. Often the bar waitresses have bottled water along with alcohol. It’s worth a small tip although not necessary to get a bottled water from them. The one item you surprisingly did not mention is the airport. The security line can be incredibly long and the walk from incoming flight to enormous baggage area is downright silly. I only stay in large strip hotels if I have business in one of them or very near to one of them. Off strip sights and downtown much friendlier. Now then maybe you can comment on another city that has long since outgrown it’s charm and become a filthy, over priced cesspool in many regards: Dare I say San Francisco.

  26. Paul Harrington|

    It was better when the mob ran the show.

    1. Anonymous|

      #6 and #10 I also hate and so when we thought we’d go to vegas, instead we choice another location. If people would just start boycotting or calling these places to make reservations and then tell the res. agent, “I’ve changed my mind I don’t do business with hotels that charge resort fees! Maybe then the practice would stop.

  27. Anonymous|

    Your pet peeves about Vegas are right on. The one that bothers me the most goes along with your “Fresh Air” comment. The smoke in the casinos and public areas is overwhelming. Just a few minutes after arriving I find myself coughing. The casinos who do set aside a small area for non-smoking are always full and open tables are hard to come by. You’d think they would take heed and make the non-smoking sections larger to accommodate the guests who enjoy smoke free air to breathe while they gamble.

  28. The Shoe Fits|

    I do love Vegas with all of that being said. They even have a check in early fee for $25.00..really? My tips are if you are booking a show and have a student with you, I found great student rates to even Cirque shows. I do not get the shopping at all. Seems very pricey. I live in FL and we have many outlet stores and all of those pricey items i can buy here or online for tons less.
    I actually went in Dec after Xmas and before New Years and got great rates.

  29. Trock_sp@live.com|

    Agree with all of this. However even with the issues mentioned, I believe they are minor and vegas is still worth the visit. I’ve been to several places around the world and vega$ is one of my top 3 favorite places. I am super scared of bed bugs, so I refuse to stay at lower priced places,which sux due to price.

  30. Rick|

    1. Don’t go in the summer, the end of November/beginning of December or late February/early March is great. No one uses the pools that are open then. We are going Thanksgiving week this year. Cheaper than the week before or after Thanksgiving.

    1. Don’t take a taxi, rent a car. All the hotels and casinos have free parking. The shuttle bus to the Rent-a-Car Center can be a pain but the line is a lot shorter than the taxi one.

    2. Stay off the strip and stay at an extended stay place: Res Inn, Homewood Suites, etc. Free breakfast, full kitchen, no minibar, no parking garage, no casino. The windows open and the pools are clean. It takes 10-15 minutes at most to get from say Paradise/Flamingo to any hotel/casino on the strip or to McCarran airport. Learn the shortcuts to avoid the traffic at rush hour.

    3. The water tastes fine off the strip. Put it in the pitcher in the refrigerator, any taste disappears after it chills down. You want really strange tasting tap water? Try Orlando or the tap water that is stored in the tank on the roof of most Manhattan hotels.

  31. Casey Jones|

    Hmm. Thanks for the blog Johnny. You’re mostly on target but maybe you need an “adjustment.” Every destination requires an adjustment in my level of expectation just like a restaurant or a hotel (when you stay at Motel 6 expect Motel 6, when you stay at Four Seasons expect Four Seasons).

    That said, Las Vegas IS an animal of a different color. It’s just a hell hole of over consumption magnified by an infrastructure representing the utmost in poor planning, AND it presents itself as something for everyone. Therein lies the (perception) issues and the various differences of experience.

    I visit 2-3 times a year for 3-to-10 nights, but I couldn’t do it unless I completely threw-out my expectations years ago and started over. I now stick to (quality) timeshares, thus eliminating “hates” 5, 6, 8, 9, 10. To be fair on all the transportation-related “hates,” I usually drive from southern California–a frisky 3.25 hour or scenic 4 hour drive through the high desert with virtually no traffic. I also AVOID THE WEEKENDS if possible. If flying, I prefer to use a prepaid shuttle service for transportation.

    Might I suggest a visit to the authentic desert, Palm Springs…”America’s Desert Playground.” where the focus is on YOU and not the destination?

    FYAmusement: I’ve been visiting “Vegas” for 50 years and I recall standing in a one-level strip-front parking lot at night, fascinated, while I listened to the neon champagne bubbles on the Flamingo tower going on and off as the sign cycled through it’s never-ending show–it was that authentic and peaceful. Then there were they stays at the (original) Landmark, Dunes, Tropicana, Flamingo…other stories. Maybe this is why I still “like” Las Vegas regardless of its’ self-induced flaws.

  32. Eli|

    Johnny. Spot on, I am in Vegas once a year for work and if I were to list a top ten most of your points would be on my list too.

  33. Anonymous|

    I hate people begging for money.

  34. Anthony W. Freeman|

    I used to have fun going to Vegas, but over the last few years they have tightened the slots to the point that you rarely see anybody getting a hand payout and I see my “stake” gone in a very short time where I used to at least get a few hours of play time out of the same amount. Funny thing is the joints are packed…so the casinos have no incentive to change this. I have found other things to do with my money.

  35. Thomas Steplyk|

    #11 – Las Vegas Buffets – The lines and the food. I am on vacation to enjoy myself not feed from a trough.

  36. Dave|

    When the taxi lines are long or especially if you are headed to anywhere south of Sunset Blvd. consider taking the free rental car shuttle to the rental car center. They always have a taxi queue there. Best of all you dont have to pay the McCarren Airport surcharge, so even if you are going to the strip it will cot you about the same.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Good tip! Thanks!

  37. Charles L McNeil|

    Mirage. Windows open. You can bypass checking line for $30. Renting a car is faster than a taxi and cheaper. The pool is pretty free of Guidos. That is six out of ten knocked down – and No I don’t work there,,,,

    1. Charles L McNeil|

      Oh and Emiliano Gabaldon at Starlight Tattoo is in the Mirage…

      1. Joel|

        Emiliano Gabaldon is an amazing tattoo artist!

  38. Karen|

    If you rent a cabana at the Luxor, $150.0 for a full week day with snacks and pop included, you get a private pool just for the cabana users, probably 9 cabanas per pool, it was quiet and very nice, hardly any swimmers and none were drunk! Cocktail waitresses stopped by occasionally, but not annoyingly often.

  39. Karen|

    Also, the Tropicana had sliding glass doors and a mini porch in the older section with garden view. Really nice going out on the porch in the morning, loved it there!

  40. Alexandra|

    You got it all right on this one. Vegas is not the elegant place it once was. I go about ever other month and am always amused at how quickly the town changes and morphs.

    The people watching is worth the price of the resort fee (not really but it makes me feel better for shelling out the $25). I like to stay at Trump, Platinum or theHotel to avoid in house gambling and all the noise and smells. I prefer to go somewhere to gamble.

    The pools… ugh! Used to be a nice cabana was a sweet spot to rest and pool soak to leach off the excess from the night before. Can you imagine paying $50 to get into Liquid Lounge and soak in the pee pool? You know people are drinking too much, the lines in the bathroom are long and why not? Gross.

    Water and other beverages – ABC stores are all over the strip. They carry a good selection of alcohol and wines too!

    Tip** for in room fridge (without the weighted issue and plenty of room), notify the front desk that you need a fridge delivered to your room your medications that require refrigeration. You will NOT be charged for that fridge.

  41. Tina Cain|

    Nailed it! Plus – can we talk about the airport some more? It is soooo outdated and if you are the slightest bit “running late” for your flight, you can FORGET about making that flight because of the check-in lines, the looooong walk to the security line – which, btw, seems like they built the airport and were like “oh wait…we forgot to put in a security line….let’s just cram it up in this corner that clearly was not really BUILT for a security line” – and let’s not forget the escalators to the tram, the tram ride, more escalators, more walking… I have been PRAYING for them to open a CLEAR line there for ages since I go to Vegas every year for work and they have FINALLY listened! That is the one thing that will make me happy!

  42. Largent|

    I cannot stand the endless barrage of people trying to hand me cards with pcitures of naked ladies. What am I going to do with those? Do not make eye contact with them. You’ll recognize them by the shuffling sound of cards they like to make.

    We stay at the New Orleans or Sams Town. Less than $30 a night, and all the gambling, food, movies, bowling and entertainment you like. And a free shittle downtown or to the Strip.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Good one!

    2. Casey Jones|

      I absolutely agree. In fact, this needs to replace one of Johnny’s top ten. It is low-class, deplorable, sleazy and reminds me of Times Square before it was “Disney-ized” years ago.

  43. Andrew Tucker|

    The ARIA is the only place I’ve stayed with the sensors in the min-fridge. When I questioned the daily deposit for this, the clerk was astonished that I had never seen one! In addition, with the fridge so full of overpriced stuff I didn’t care about, there was no room to put anything even a bottle of water!

  44. kelley|

    You are spot on about every one of those things. The only one I would add is the smoking that is allowed anytime, anywhere. DISGUSTING. Even my room at NY, NY, which was supposed to be non-smoking, smelled of ground-in smoke. UGH>

  45. culti|

    Damn dude… Bang on! Just got back from Vegas… In shock why people enjoy the strip which is nothing more than a giant gambling/smoking/slutting IKEA.. you are forced to walk a mile when where you want to get is just across the street! Adios Las Vegas!

    Oh, and stayed at the ARIA hotel as well… deepest water in pools is 4ft??? WTF?? That’s not a pool, that’s a piss puddle!

  46. bcopeland89|

    How can anyone not love Vegas? The city has something for everyone.

    1. Anonymous|

      You a clown, i hate everything about the place. Its made for cheao people like you !!

  47. matt4321|

    As a Vegas local, I don’t have to deal with most of this but I can tell you several things.

    On flights, especially flights from the East, bring earplugs. Morons get wasted and loud on them.

    Summers are hot and dry, with like 4% humidity why anyone would come here in the summer is beyond me, all the locals are looking to get out. The best time to visit is October – May.

    I-15 is a mess at select times, and accidents on it are frequent. Blame the drunk tourists. It can be real bad on friday night and sunday morning all the way to LA as the herd moves. If you are leaving sunday morning, leave before 10am.

    Good article by the way. Usually the “I hate Vegas” rant is full of ridiculous complaints like: There are drunk people, slot machines, and sex everywhere, kind of like going to a seafood restaurant and complaining that everything had fish in it. What did you expect?

    1. Jessica|

      Totally agree about the weather thing. Summer is just too hot there.

  48. lemonade|

    i by mistake took a bus to find a store, but instead of get out when i passed the store i remained on the bus for the walking distanstance was very far, so far that i sat in the bus to the end. Lo and behold i got out pissed that i wasted a bus drive and not going to the store. When i got out i i smiled for there was this gus of wind and wow air clean air! So if you need to get air in vegas take it to the end not sure the number, and stand outside and it is cool. If you need a blast of fresh air go to Billiagio water shows. It cools a person down. For me i am a water person so vegas is kinda of diffcult, with all the electricty. Oh the best part of vegas is that the buses run on gas not electrity.
    I haven’t used the pools, i do not like to hang out in pools for i swim laps, not sure where i ‘ll do that in vegas. in Short, vegas is fun there is a lot of fun things to do beside casino’s playing. Have fun.
    Go to the bus stop in downtown vegas and pick up a free map and just buy a day pass and have fun!

  49. AA|

    Thanks for the tips!

  50. Stuart|

    Ha! This has to be the worst list of negatives about Vegas EVER! “Bumpy flights”?? Really! lol!

    How about the fact that Vegas makes you hate your normal, real life for months after coming back home?? And the visuals of casino floors and promenades projected on the insides of your eyelids as you TRY to sleep?! How about the fact that a SEAT at a club costs a minimum of HuNDReDS of dollars?! And if you don’t pay for that seat you spend your night being shoved out of the way by hosts tending to those seat-buyers. And worst of them all, what about that free drink that they ever-so-often seem to “forget” the liquor? Coconut rum is either there or its not, cocktail lady. And how about leaving Vegas with a pocket full of casino vouchers that you meant to cash out?! THE WORST! These are just a few of the worst things that are way worser than your worst of list.

    Vegas Traveler

  51. Jessica|

    We go to Las Vegas usually twice a year. Typically we will stay 2 or 3 days. About the only thing I don’t like about it is the summer heat. It’s just too hot from June-September. Oh, the drivers there can be nutty, and I’m from California so that’s saying something.

  52. John|

    I live in Vegas. I absolutely hate it!
    My partner teaches school out here, so I had to come along. Seriously considering a long distance relationship and moving home to California.
    And yeah, the water quality is gross!!

  53. Paul H|

    It was better when the mob ran the town. I avoid that excrement hole like the plague.

  54. Daniel|

    I can pretty much agree with all of this. As it stands right now I am sitting outside the Venetian 430 in the morning. It’s just south of 80° and all you smell from any direction is garbage, stale beer and weed (Not a weed hater, i’m glad Nevada decriminalized it, but not really what I want to be smelling at 4:30am)

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