I know Southwest Airlines (SWA) used to be the favorite airline of so many travelers because they offer two free checked bags, no ridiculous change fees and their flight attendants have always been fun to fly with. However, it seems times are changing for many, including me.

Why? First of all, now that other airlines don’t charge a change fee, it evens the playing field. Two, Southwest no longer has the cheapest fares and one reason is because they build the price of checked bags into the cost of a ticket. Three, one of their pilots made a “Let’s Go Brandon” announcement, which has become a Republican political slogan to insult President Biden. Four, their CEO, Gary Kelly, was just on Capitol Hill on Thursday testifying and he said masks don’t do much on a plane and shortly afterwards, he tested positive for Covid.

The fifth reason, which seems to be the straw that broke the camel’s back, is that on Southwest.com, under General Information, they state: “Southwest Airlines® is aware that government mandates have resulted in restrictions on air travel due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, many of the restrictions will result in flight cancellations, potential quarantines or COVID-19 testing upon arrival, and/or temperature checks upon landing. Rest assured, our Team will notify you of these restrictions as soon as possible, offer maximum flexibility, and work to accommodate Customers to the best of our ability. As always, the Southwest Team appreciates your patience and trust in us during this unprecedented time.”

This has the medical community up in arms and a couple tweets on the subject have gone viral. One is from Tatiana Prowell, MD who is an Associate Professor of Oncology at John Hopkins University in Maryland. Dr Prowell tweeted: “Just noticed this #gaslighting language on the @SouthwestAir website. Govt mandates have not caused your problems. The uncontrolled spread of an airborne virus has. If everyone would just #GetVaccinated, #GetBoosted, #MaskUp, #StayHome when sick, we wouldn’t need any mandates. https://t.co/KErphf8xpp

Another verified Twitter user and doctor, Céline Gounder, MD, who is an NYU professor and works at Bellevue Hospital in New York City tweeted: “I will never fly @SouthwestAir again. They are actively spreading disinformation about how to control COVID just as we’re facing another surge: https://t.co/ceuVF71zFV

It seems Southwest Airlines is really catering to their Texas base, which is a damn shame since Southwest used to be everyone’s favorite airline. Now it seems it might just be for those who believe in conspiracy theories.

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  1. David R. Miller|

    Seems to me that you and those doctors cannot comprehend common sense. Try getting someone, preferably a 2nd or 3rd grader to explain what Southwest has said. Gary Kelly is correct about the wearing of masks – they really don’t do much, but they are better than nothing. And I concur with – “Let’s Go Brandon”- Biden is ruining America.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      If Joe Biden is ruining America then DJT and his cronies ruined America. Thank God they will all be in the pokey soon

  2. Marlin Yoder|

    1. Southwest is still by far the easiest airline for using miles and I use a lot of miles each year so it will remain my favorite.
    2. The let’s go Brandon comment, why can’t he make a political remark, just like certain travel bloggers do? Maybe if everyone would be allowed to joke without someone getting offended, everyone wouldn’t be so cranky.
    3. I do think some of the mandates have caused problems, yes the virus existed, but I believe some of government interference still caused more of a downturn.

    But hey, no people are getting there feelings hurt by a mean tweet at least.

  3. Peter Brezinski|

    Sorry Johnny, but DJT improved this country like no President before. Nobody was complaining about inflation, high fuel prices, etc. Joe Biden makes Jimmy Carter look like a joy.

  4. Steve|

    You didn’t read the rest of the information SW provided obviously or you would have read that it’s in regards to the new CDC mandates as of Dec 6 regarding international travelers coming into the US that may have bookings on their airline. Read the CDC information and you will realize what SW is talking about. If you choose not to fly SW that’s your choice obviously but research your information before you write. Don’t be part of the problem with this country right now.

  5. Kaiser|

    Here are some facts:
    1. Gary Kelly, the Southwest Airlines CEO, acknowledges the science that indicates there is no evidence mask-wearing on airplanes prevents COVID.
    2. Gary Kelly always complies with Federal mask mandates and wears a mask on the airplane.
    3. Gary Kelly tested positive and has symptoms of COVID.

    Please explain how facts 2 and 3 invalidate fact 1.

  6. David|

    So, you are doing this for political reasons? Seems silly.

  7. Ken|

    Verified doctors say they will never fly Southwest again. Totally their choice. Verified non-doctor(Me) is currently thinking I will never visit this site again. Totally my choice. Of course when things return to normal in who knows how long, other airlines will go back to charging change fees, etc… and the doctors and other easily offended souls will probably go back as well. Loyalty rarely lasts more than a brief time and often gets traded for less than $100. Heck, I might even come back here, for free.

  8. Anonymous|

    But I read the first paragraph

  9. Disgusted|

    Your offended by “Let’s go Brandon”. I’m offended that the media ignored that Biden in was televised referring to a black baseball player as a negro within the last few months. I completely support Let’s Go Brandon for the racist failure in the Oval Office
    A white woman married to an African man.

  10. Kay T.|

    I think a lot of WHITE people in general have a hard time saying Black, negro, African-American etc. lol. You guys probably have said the HARD R one as well. So when you’re either in conversation, or dialog, your brain is catching up to your mouth, so you PAUSE.. hesitate, LOOK at the person you’re talking to, and THINK, “OH SHID, I wonder if I’m going to offend this black person, by SAYING black… hmmm, I’ll go with Negro… Wait wait!! No their called African-American now! THATS IT!!” ??? new flash for you guys on the fence, we ALL see your eyes speaking for you, you’re afraid to offend, unless your a BIGOT, then you GAF LESS ??‍♂️ But I wouldn’t blame sleepy Joe for that, a lot of you have fell for it. ✌?

  11. Fiore|

    I never flew with Southwest airline but from the bad comments that I read ,I will cancel the carrier from my future trip. And they also can also stick the Let’s go Brandon up their ass together with the Orange head of their lost cause president.

  12. Eric|

    And Southwest will continue to be my favorite airline! There…I cancel you out @Fiore!

  13. Mike Paoletti|

    This is why people should keep their political banter for times when they aren’t representing their company. One guy says Let’s Go Brandon and the whole airline hates Biden. Maybe they do, but I have a feeling the airline would choose to not express that and alienate half their clients. Wait until you are home with your wife and friends or at some sort of protest or political function where that kind of thing is appropriate. Unless you own the company, if you do (or have permission from the owner) then go ahead and say whatever you want, but just remember when you are wearing their uniform, you represent the company with what you say, whether you intend to or not

  14. Anonymous|

    I have always used south west airlines in which I fly constantly, however my last flight to Chicago was very annoying, thanks to attitude of airline stewardess( supervisor I believe). I am 80 yrs old requiring a wheel chair. I flew LAX to Midland Chicago on November 1 week before Thanksgiving. As we aborted our arrival I walked to front and informed her I needed a wheel chair. She loudly and very rudely said “sit down I HAVE SAID VERY CLEARLY if you need a wheel chair remain seated. There were a few of us waiting and noticed a few people walk out and get into wheel chairs as they came in. She obviously made it a point to make sure I was the very last to leave. Everyone was gone and the stewardesses for next flight came aboard and She rudely said , Now it’s ur turn. I felt humiliated but bit my tongue and said nothing. I had noticed she was rude throughout whole flight. ( I heard passengers complained amongst themselves). These people should definitely b counseled on their behavior, especially during these trying times.I know these r rough times, but rudeness can only escalate into more problems.(as u can tell from the news).. I only want the airlines personnel to know that this type of behavior should not b tolerated. Where is the professionalism this airlines has had?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I’m sorry to hear this. SWA should be ashamed

  15. RayRay|

    Wow! I read this article hoping to be informed of a real concern. But instead it’s more left wing propaganda… yawn…. Nothing to see here.

  16. Jim|

    After reading this I will fly Southwest wherever I can

  17. Judy Talley Fowler|

    I love Southwest Airlines. I’m a retired air traffic controller from Krum, Texas. I will continue to fly SWA as my first choice always. The best flight attendants, friendliest and most professional pilots I’ve ever worked with in 29 years of ATC. They have always cooperated with ATC and certainly consider more than just their aircraft when decisions have to be made.

  18. C. Grill|

    I do not have a problem with Southwest and do you know why? They put their money where their mouth is! For people who cancel their flight because they are ill, and are flying with Southwest, Southwest will let them book another fight, so they don’t lose their money. Guess what, other airlines are NOT helping their sick clientele by letting them rebook their flights for no charge when they are well. My college-age daughter who is sick with Covid, is losing her hard earned money from another airline, who doesn’t care that she is protecting others by not flying. Think about that .

  19. Kay|

    I won’t be flying them either. I don’t need to be gaslighted. I don’t need to hear childish calls of “Let’s go, Brandon!” I don’t want a pilot that just hung a Gadsden flag out of his window.

    I just need someone to take my money and behave like an adult that understands the world is in a pandemic that we’re all (presumably) wanting to end.

    I’m good, I’m gone.

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