The wildflower “super bloom” is all over the news right now in Southern California thanks to this winter’s abundance of rain, strong winds and favorable temperatures. My wife and I lucked into viewing the super bloom at Lake Elsinore this weekend when we drove to Temecula.

It turns out we didn’t need to drive 80 minutes to see it, because just down the street from our home the runways at LAX are lined with wildflowers! ABC Los Angeles just did a feature on the subject (above), writing in the accompanying story that, “LAX might have one of the most beautiful landing strips in the nation right now. A spectacular super bloom of wildflowers is lining the fields near Los Angeles International Airport, thanks to this winter’s heavy rains. The flowers extend the entire length of the runways, which are about two miles long. The sight also makes for some beautiful aerial views for passengers arriving and departing from the airport.”

If you’re flying in or out of LAX this week, be sure to be on the lookout!

Super bloom at LAX



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