Whenever I do a seminar on how to find cheap flights, one of my travel tips is to stay away from low-cost carriers unless you do your research. Airlines like Allegiant, Frontier and Spirit make their money by advertising incredibly low fares and then hitting you up for everything from assigned seats and carry-on luggage to refreshments (including water) and even printing your boarding pass. My advice is when you do a flight search, don’t just grab the cheapest fare you see, especially from a low-cost carrier; it could end up costing you much more than you think. Here are 16 other ways to find cheap flights.

As soon as I heard that passengers were fighting with Spirit Airlines agents, I knew it was over their baggage fees. Per the Daily Mail: “A spokesman for the Philadelphia Police department described the latest tussle as an allegation of ‘simple assault.’ ‘On Monday, January 30th, 2023, at approximately 7:29 P.M. police received information that several passengers were pulling apart a 24-year-old female complainant and a 17-year-old female along with her 39-year-old mother during an argument over additional baggage fees,’ a statement said.”

The irate mother and daughter duo were flying from Philadelphia to Fort Lauderdale. A quick one-way search on Google Flights for a random date next month shows how cheap Spirit Airlines tickets are compared to their competition (see screenshot below).

Of course, if you’re not a savvy travel consumer, you’re going to grab the Spirit fare for $48 over Frontier’s $129 and American’s $200 fare.

You might also think that you can save even more money by not checking a bag. But when you fly one of these low fare carriers like Spirit, they’re going to get you since they charge for everything including, yes, carry-on bags.

According to their website: “One personal item is included with your fare. This is something like a laptop bag or purse smaller than 18″x14″x8″.” People might not realize just how small 18 inches is and/or they probably think they can just talk their way into bringing their roller bag onboard.

What Spirit should say is that they only allow a personal item, like a purse that will fit under the seat in front of you, for free. If you want to use the overhead bin, it’s going to cost you … and most likely more than your ticket.

For example, I logged on to Spirit.com and had to search for a while to find out what their baggage fees are. As you can see from the screenshot below, a carry-on bag at the time of booking is $57. It’s $65 when checking in online and $99 at the gate. I mean, $99 to put a bag in the overhead bin? That’s enough to drive a sane person crazy. I’m not defending the actions of the mother and daughter who got in a fight with the gate agent but it is enough to make you flip your lid.

This is why Spirit Airlines usually leads the way in customer complaints with the Department of Transportation (DOT). According to Finance Buzz, “Spirit Airlines was in first place for the most complaints, and it wasn’t even close. The budget airline received a whopping 637 complaints from customers, according to the DOT data.”

Now to the video, which you can watch here. Twitter user @DuosEquis tweeted: “How would you feel if you used the proper sized luggage? Mother and daughter are seen trading blows with Spirit Airlines agents in video of wild airport brawl after they were hit with extra fees at the gate for their oversized carry-on baggage.

Watch the video here.

The Daily Mail also published video from a different angle of the incident.

I once witnessed a colleague freak out on a European low-fare carrier (Ryanair) agent. My press group was checking in at the airport for a flight from Paris to Dublin and he had a huge suitcase and I warned him he was going to get charged. He didn’t take my advice and he, well, flipped his lid.

This calm, cool man, who I’d traveled with for five days and had barely said a peep, but when the agent tried to charge him an extra 100 euros, he snapped. He started yelling and threw his oversized bag over the agent’s head. This was 18 years ago so there weren’t many cameras around but he’s lucky it wasn’t today because he probably would have been arrested.

The moral of the story is don’t book a plane ticket without knowing all the extra charges including carry-on bags fees because it might cost you more than the flight. And if you want to save money on baggage, fly Southwest Airlines as they still offer two free checked bags.


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115 Comments On "Airport Brawl: Mother and Daughter Trade Blows With Spirit Airlines Agents Over Carry-On Baggage Fees"
  1. William Lovell|

    Here’s another pitfall to the budget carriers. Miss your flight because of another carriers delay and you’re out of luck. Hail dinged an Iberia engine cowling in Chicago and we left four hours late for Madrid. I’d say 25% of people knew they’d miss their Ryan Air connection and their $.

  2. patrick c|

    they should be banned for life from this airline

  3. George|

    I’ve Used Spirit For 30yrs ..out of Boston…1 issue in 30 yrs…I love it!!!! Ok I know what I’m m getting & save a Ton of $$$$….The Personal free item is Enough for me…I travel light!!! If I ever had to check a bag..I’m still Saving ..!!!!

  4. Cheryl Sullivan|

    I’ve flown spirit several times without a problem. But then I do know how to read! Their flights are clean, comfortable and on time. I generally pay for an upgraded seat and always pay for carryon. I follow the rules and have never had to make an ass out of myself in public.

  5. Gloria Hoyos|

    I already went thru this and never travel them again. Avoid spirit

  6. carol lamon|

    I was in Miami and this mans book bag was too big for sizer. This was well before boarding a Frontier flight. So instead of being charged 99$ he took out some sweat pants , 2 tea shirts and put them on. Then the bag fit.

  7. Chuck|

    I fly spirit frequently. They are very clear about the cost of extra bags. Almost annoyingly so.

  8. Gerardo|

    It’s truly pathetic the behavior towards the airline employee, whoever it is. One thing the Government should crack down is exactly those fees. If you travel for a week, you definitely need certain amount of clothing and other needed item, I understand some passengers think they’re moving to the end of the world BUT there has to be a logic to what I can travel.

  9. Mary|

    They really need to ban these people grom flying for life. Easy peezy.

  10. Mary|

    They really need to ban these people from flying for life. Easy peezy.

  11. Anonymous|

    The BEST airline ever! I have nothing but Gratitude for this amazing airline. Follow their rules. Its easy.

  12. Mitch|

    Spirit is very clear about their baggage poliicies. I have a small carry-on that fits under the seat and meets the measurement guidelines. Oddly enough, it meets Frontier’s also, but does not fit in Frontier’s gate “sizer” which I find suspect. Frontier is way more strict. I watched in Denver while they charged 16 people for their personal items at the gate (yes, I counted). I also watched Frontier offer $1000 to bump then rescind and lower it to $300. That is much more aggregious in my opinion. I would fly Spirit any day over American, Allegiant, or Southwest. Spirit has one of the best maintenance programs in the industry (Delta being first) with some of the newest planes. What a shame that people have zero common sense. Spirit’s customer service is non existent but I’m paying to get from point A to B quickly and safely. If I don’t follow baggage poliicies, that’s on me. That may not be savvy, but it’s smart. Those two should be banned from flying. Period.

  13. Harry|

    I fly Spirit all the time! And these fees are right it the print when you purchase your tickets! If your not reading the information or not taking the time to make sure your bags meet the criteria then that’s on you!!! STOP trying to put the blame on others for failing to be ACCOUNTABLE for yourself!!!!

  14. Lisa|

    I have been flying Spirit to and from Florida for years. If you follow the rules and baggage sizes, there is no problem! I have a certain personal item I use for Spirit, I don’t buy a seat or anything else they sell!

  15. Bethb13|

    I sincerely doubt that it was ALL just because of the extra charges. I’m sure that at some point somebody said something snotty to which the other party had to respond and this was the result.

  16. Pamela Owens|

    I hate spirit t I was there on time and they still say I missed the flight and they just took 1,311 from me no refund or credit I just gave them free money I hate spirit airlines

  17. Michelle Greenidge Joiner|

    Sorry price of bags is incorrect if u want carry on you should pay for it when u book the flight then it is only 35.00 and check bag of 40Lbs is only 31.00 it is only when the person adds bags after purchasing the ticket that the prices quoted apply. Yes the personal item is small but the trick is to not have a bag with wheels it says backpacks All of this info is on the website . I am very happy with Spirit but I follow the rules.

  18. Jenny|

    The Spirit Airlines website is very clear about the extra fees for all luggage including carry on, choosing your seat, etc. This info is repeated throughout the reservation process – like Chuck said “Almost annoyingly so.” If you follow the rules and travel light, you can easily travel for the incredibly low rates they advertise!

  19. Paul Canzano|

    Spirit and Frontier? Caveat emptor. Their failure to disclose is jailable in other industries

  20. Carolyn Julien|

    I love Spirit because I read clearly and understand the rules- no complaints here. I even bought a cheap fare with no additional items once and cancelled the flight and was cool knowing I would not be compensated since I did not purchase the modification fee which I made a conscious decision not to do since the cost was so low. On the other hand, When I pay 37.00 for my ticket and 65.00 for a bag, I still end up with a better deal. My grief is with Frontier and I have not flown on their airline since. In their case since they totally ignored my legitimate concern during a tornado, I have started flying Southwest Airlines again in addition to Spirit and I totally love SOUTHWEST too! Read the fine print and Know b4 U Go!

  21. Robert|

    I fly Spirit frequently and have not had any issues with the airline. Spirit is very clear on the baggage fees and even has sizers available to check the size of the passenger’s bags. The sizers are almost impossible to miss.

  22. Paul|

    I travel Spirit all the time. I know what to expect in terms of up charging and act accordingly.

    It is not hard. They spell it all out. The gate attendant is doing her job. The passengers did not do their homework.

  23. Travis Weberling|

    I personally feel like the airlines REGARDLESS of wether they’re a major airline like Delta or a “cheap” airline like Spirit or Frontier, they seriously need to stop nickel & diming passengers over every little thing from the luggage to picking a seat, I mean, I won’t be surprised if the airlines piss off passengers even more by doing something like charging for pillows or to use the bathroom on the plane. The bottom line is, if the airlines aren’t careful, they’re going to possibly piss off passengers to the point where they might consider going Greyhound or Amtrak for their travel options INSTEAD OF FLYING down the rd.

  24. Anonymous|

    Ignorance is bliss Spirit airlines have been like this for years these two classless people are fools as well as the idiot videoing the fight the worker is idiot cause she just as bad as them instead of calling airport police . Stop flying SPIRIT period.

  25. Leroy|

    Fiance is an FA for Spirit. While it is clearly stated over and over again about bag fees, gate agents make things worse. I travel for work approx 6months out of the year and Spieit for personal. Spirit gate agents are the rudest agent BY FAR !! Nasty for little to no reason and never attempt to calm the situation. I think probably half the altercations could be avoided with polite gate agents. It’s a thankless job and people will take their frustrations out on you but no one made you take the job.

  26. Richard|

    I totally agree. Spirit Airlines is not hiding any fees. Those people who cant or dont want to read is the problem.
    I fly Spirit all the time and never had a problem.
    I am very happy with there service they provide me… I dont think I could afford flying 2x a month American, Delta, United or Southwest airlines and see my family.
    Get real people and learn to read…. it’s FREE.

  27. Lucia|

    What could they hope to accomplish by attacking a gate agent? How dumb can you possibly be???? Arrest is a lot more expensive!

  28. Lee|

    I hope that family enjoys riding in a car or bus from now on.

  29. Lee|

    I hope this lovely family enjoys riding on a bus for the next trip they decide to go on.
    Even though I’m sure there will be a problem no matter how they travel.

  30. Rebecca Carnahan|

    Do they think beating up the airline employees will result in them getting their way? The airline is going to change their mind and say “You gave me a black eye so, sure, go ahead and bring your giant bag on for free”

  31. Outspoken American|

    I am amazed at the sheer number of people giving Spirit & these other budget carriers fellatio for CARRY-ON baggage. In the above article, I believe a “laptop” bag is the exemplar used. Realistically, even with the cleverest of packing, what can you place in such a bag? You may’ve figured it out by now, but I don’t sheep well & I would rather bite your tongue clean off rather than bite my own. These clowns in airline travel just keep getting craftier & craftier. “Don’t hide the baggage fees…” Well it surely isn’t made as prominent as that $49 seat (which occupies more space & weight than the custom roll bag which does fit in the overhead). They can pay me $40 to give me a rusty trombone before I ever…EVER pay more for a carry-on bag that the airline doesn’t even handle. Tricks & more tricks from a bunch of _____!

  32. Richard J Davis|

    It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

  33. Jasio|

    anybody surprised?

  34. Jack Dupt|

    Anyone want to bet that the mother and daughter were flying to Ft Lauderdale to board a Carnival cruise ship? Carnival and Spirit attract the same clientele.

  35. Kathy Beaty|

    It’s true you do need to compare all the charges especially on those low cost flights. That being said it I saved about $150 for two people on Allegiant compared to Southwest for the same trip. We did have to pay for a carry on on Allegiant compared to Southwest’s free carry on but it was still a lot cheaper for Allegiant. You just have to look at all the charges and compare.
    Those women look like real low lives to fight like that. I would never lay a hand on my daughter and she would never do that to me no matter what the issue.
    It get attention to the article though! ??

  36. Craines|

    I flew them once, never again. My printer at home was out of ink so no big deal I’ll just print it at the airport (at the time they had no cell phone deal). I get to the airport, and they tell me they can’t print one because it was 40 minutes to boarding.

    I was dumbstruck and yes, they point to about a thousand signs that said no boarding passes will be printed less than 45 minutes before boarding. Why? the airport was empty, there were literally no lines at security and the gate was the first one after security. I would have been there in 4 minutes. And I would have had to sit for 30 minutes before the gate was opened. The answer is “It’s our policy”. It makes zero sense, and no other airline has that “policy.”

    So, there was no other option but get stiffed for much more expensive trip THE NEXT DAY, I lost my hotel fee for the night, missed the first day of the convention. Two others at the gate at the same time had the same thing happen and the next day both my seatmates were ALSO victims.

    Sure, read every rule and never be ten seconds late and no problem but for me I knew their “policy” was simply based on the knowledge that on earth things do always go perfectly so this is all a scam to be the most expensive airline and pretend otherwise.

    Fool me once.

  37. char|

    you got that right

  38. Bobert|

    Lol any opportunity to call certain people trash. Did you know that baggage fees are a scam invented less than 30yrs ago? Airlines turned nothing into $$$. Now you get a personal item that fits under the seat right? Not if the agent decides to make you use a sizer that is waaay smaller than “fits under the seat”. Not condoning the violence but far too many of you are in the side of the corporations

  39. James J Gannarelli|

    These low cost carriers are a God send. I fly Allegiant out of South Bend to Phoenix, save $400, only direct flight, and save 4 to 5 hours in travel time. The major airlines are the real ripoff. And don’t get me started on the bullshit “bags fly free” Southwest Airlines. SW builds into price and general costs more than most airlines. I travel alot.

  40. Beverly Vogel|

    With Spirit’s low fairs, l am able to visit my 90+ year old parents several times a year. It’s been a blessing. I have a specific bag that fits nicely under the seat and have never had a problem. A tape measure is all that’s needed ar home or there are test bins at the gates. They are very clear and up front about their extra charges.

  41. Daneil Son|

    This is the world we all live in. The more people in any area create havoc. It’s in our nature. It’s been written on the wall everywhere we go. Everyone has issues.
    These kind of things are only gonna keep happening more often and at a higher rate. It’s not the same world it was 30yrs ago or 10000 yrs ago.It’s not just about airports, it’s the sad truth that humans can’t coexist with so many differences… im this your that i believe in this not that. we all strive for a life out of fear or do we live life run by fear. We all have one thing in common we live one life, choose how you want to act. Money is the root of all evil. Their will be a day when we won’t have all these cool places and cool things to have and do. This world is a sinking ship reach out and help someone, not beat their A$$.

  42. Rino Dave|

    I couldn’t see their feet but I betcha they had skates on. Dropped their sticks, gloves and helmets—pulled jerseys over their heads. Yoweee!
    (Racist comment above made by a true, sick dumb-ass. I hope I get to meet him in a Spirit line some day!)

  43. Alison Paul|

    On December 27th I flew from Port of Spain Trinidad to Mimi on Caribbean Airlines connection on spirit airlines to Washington DC .I had 2 PCs of luggage 50 pounds each 1 carry on and my pocket book I did not have to pay a dime on carribean air when I got to sprit counter I was told I was 10
    pounds over weight in each luggage so I had to pay 60.00 for each price because their weight is 40 pounds not 50 pounds per bag. I told him no this is a connecting flight. He said ok I will charge you 60.00 for one bag. I gave him my debit card but charged me 80.00 without telling me. I went back to him and he told me he noticed I had a carry on so he charged me 80.00 for the carry on instead of the 10 pounds overweight. I had to wait 3 hours for a wheelchair to take me upstairs to the gate my flight was 6 pm I was early. Then I was almost the last passenger to board there was no wheelchair attendance to take me down. I will never fly with Spirit again not even if it was free.

  44. Brandy Gillespie|

    Ironic I just seen this article in my feed after getting in an altercation with a Spirit employee for them being completely rude and disrespectful to be about my luggage as well! Luggage fees are one thing but the way they think they can treat people is something else entirely! When people travel they need luggage. It’s ridiculous that it’s so excessive! After they charged me for mine but didn’t others I asked the lady why I was singled out and they were picking and choosing and she told me to “accept what’s already been done, don’t question her or she will show me flying is a privilege and cancel my ticket, and go live my best life!” I wanted to punch her in the face too! Completely uncalled for and disrespectful!!!! Especially considering I already paid them $370 for 2 suitcases and was told my SMALL roller was fine because it was only holding my backpack because I had double knee surgery and the extra weight on my back was hard so I pulled it. My ticket was less than $200. So my baggage was almost double and that still wasn’t good enough. The other lady told me I owed another $100. I totally recorded my treatment which I’m filing a complaint as we speak!

  45. Samuel Brunt|

    In 2015 and 2016, I flew between FLL and BWI every week. Spirit was inexpensive and on time. When you play by their rules, and don’t need the frills, it’s a decent way to travel, especially if it’s only a few hours or less one way.

  46. Rence|

    Spirit Airlines IS THE WORST! My 63-yr old mother had to stay in LAX for almost 48 hrs dye to some confusion in booking. We had no choice, but get her the cheapest airfare we can afford to get to DFW. We were panicked and stressed out; thus, we had that same problem of not being able to see that dumb luggage fee. I sent money ASAP, so she can board her flight and all that cold-hearted gate agent needed to do was CHECK THE TRANSACTION DETAILS. What did he do? He ignored the tired and hungry old lady and closed the gate on her. Afterwards, my mom had a very bad accident that got her into the ER and stitches on her head. After I complained, Spirit Airlines reached out to me AND OFFERED A FREE TRIP TO ANYWHERE, BUT ONLY FOR A MONTH. They said they DON’T DO “STORE CREDITS” and WILL NOT REFUND THE OVER $200 I SPENT ON THEIR FLIGHT
    THEIR BEAST OF A GATE AGENT DIDN’T LET MY MOTHER ON! We have no need to go anywhere as we have work. I hope they fold up!

  47. Cecilia|

    I recently flew on frontier, and was amazed at the extra fees. You pay for thee small carryon And your luggGe, you pay for the agent checking you in. You pay for getting on the plane early. The truth is you pay double the price if you have one carry on and one claimed luggage. Easily over hundred dollars. I noticed that Frontier was more then Spirit here, but you still have the fees.

  48. Cathy Johnson|

    I flew Delta . The air plain blew a fuse we sat there on the tarmac for about two hours. Missed my connection to South Carolina from Atlanta. But the air line made it right. They put us on later flights. Delta knows how to treat their customers. Won’t fly any other air line. Go Delta.

  49. Judy|

    Yea spirit got us on luggage charge,then on top of that they misplaced out luggage for an hour and a half.the people at the spirit counter told us they were new and distant know what happened to our luggage or what they needed to do.

  50. Eamonn honer|

    Fly a real airline

  51. Gary Stanford|

    Did you people not read the statement that said the mother and daughter had the correct size bag but was still being charged $99.

  52. Nel Paol|

    Unfortunately humans are still capable of reverting to primal behaviors. You never know if that stranger in line with you is in the mood for a brawl and things can get dangerous. For air travel I wish the online software would explain total cost, especially if their definition of cary-on differs from the norm. The extra cost for these travelers was obviously unexpected and beyond their budget.

  53. Julia L Golonka|

    The child’s screaming is breaking my heart, there is no luggage fee that is worth this child’s embarrassement and psychological trauma he gets through this situation ?

  54. RLD Montana 454|

    I don’t have too worry about any of this because I banned myself from flying with any of these ozone polluting clowns . Carbon footprints have consequences just ask all the climate hoax croud. Airline industry are the largest contributors to green house gas . Ground all the polluting idiots until they can produce electric passenger jets.

  55. Fred VonFirstenberg|

    “The moral of the story is don’t book a plane ticket without knowing all the extra charges…”

    No, the moral of the story is don’t be like those two females and act like the scum of the earth by assaulting someone just because you are an idiot and you believe it’s okay to physically harm someone over your own stupidity.

    That’s the moral of the story

  56. dgc1969|

    trash will be trash

  57. Earl|

    Listen to all these shills talking about how great that dumpster fire of an airline is, tauting read the fine print, ECT. Probably all written by Spirit employees. I hope more people start throwing hands over this stuff. After a while employees will get sick of it and tell the carrier it’s not worth their job enforcing these garbage add on fees. I’m not that old and I still remember when you could check bags for free on a flight, take carry ons for free, get a “real” meal and drink for no upcharge plus a pillow and blanket. This wouldn’t even been a thing if consumers would have pushed back against this when it was first introduced and not booked with them as tjeajor airlines predicted they would fold because of it, but no a bunch of people rolled over and paid for the “small” charge to sit in their god awful uncomfortable seats. Then shortly their after all the other carriers followed suit. Picking you seat use to be a first come first serve when booking, with the exception of first class. Never thought I’d see the day when getting an exit row was a premium option. People use to avoid it.

  58. Basil Withington|

    Hitw pointless. The overpaid executive who created the system for screwing passengers is safe in his office sipping martinis while the underpaid Spirit staff are the one who get attacked by these idiots.

    The stupider society becomes the more often the workers get blamed for the company policies, prices and staffing decisions that workers DON’T create.

  59. Kappy|

    Just love the smiling guy walking away from it…

  60. Chris|

    The free carry personal bag that fits under a seat cab hold a lot more than just a laptop. I don’t do the laptop, but I do pack a ton of clothes in it. Most people think it’s only purse size. Measure.. it’s much larger than a purse.

  61. Jay|

    I know these type of fees have been around for a while but 99% percent of the things like added fees and the price of eggs have been made worse by the China flu. When Dr death fauci was making millions off coming on the news and telling morons to lock them and their families I’m a closet for a year and idiots actually listened . Well folks this is the result of it. Companies can charge whatever they want and treat customers however their feeling at the time. Get used to it. Should have used you’re brain 3 years ago . Too late now !!

  62. D|

    It’s the oversized people that should warrant the penalty fees. ?

  63. Dee|

    I think everyone is dismissing the fact that a child was involved/witness in this incident. She is screaming for them to stop and then when they won’t stop, she goes in and starts hitting the other person thinking that is the way to solve the problem. Kids will react to situations in ways that they are taught to react in situations. It’s simply sad that child had to watch her family members go through something like this and the bullying that she will endure afterwards is going to be even worse. I’m not sure who started it, but either way this is sad and extremely disturbing. Where was the security in all this mess?

  64. Dre|

    The ghetto used to travel via buses but low cost carriers have brought the hood to airports. No extra charge for live Jerry Springer shows. Holla if ya hear me.

  65. Dot|

    Yes, they should be banned for life from every airline. Totally uncivilized and vulgar. In their presence we have no decent quality of life.

  66. Linda|

    Shame to this worker on this airline, things could have been done a lot different. You could have let the Passengers slide that time. God forbid, shame to you, for causing all this drummer, fighting with this mother and daughter. That could have been done differently, by showing them love and kindness. Someone had to have said some disrespectful words that cause all of that fighting. It bought tears to my heart. Just seeing all that pain that was cause, and the embarrassment , pulling hair, tearing that lady clothes off down to her bar. No,no, shame on you. Why not just call your manager? And let them handle it. That’s the proper thing to do. Instead trying to be a hero, you don’t own the airline, you are just a worker.

  67. Spirit Air Blows|

    Spirit Airline associate hit everyone. @ LAS w a baggage fee- even one man whose bag clearly fit in the Box they use to measure carry ons. We had to get a manager over to finally let that man get on the plane & stop the woman from charging everyone $99. Like abt 15 people. Unfortunately the wheel stuck out of my luggage so I paid a fee no problem. And 2 other passengers w us. And on the plane the stewardess came over told us the captain will let us fly if we don’t cause any ruckus on the plane. Like really me and my 3 children are actually being threatened with getting kicked off of a plane for calling management at boarding. Spirit is not the airline you want to fly. Most assinine employees ever. Even the manager didn’t know why everyone was being charged $99 when the luggage was sized for carry on.

  68. SpiriyAirBlows|

    Spirit Airline associate hit everyone @ LAS w a baggage fee- even one man whose bag clearly fit in the Box they use to measure carry ons. We had to get a manager over to finally let that man get on the plane & stop the woman from charging everyone $99. Like abt 15 people. Unfortunately the wheel stuck out of my luggage so I paid a fee no problem. And 2 other passengers w us. And on the plane the stewardess came over told us the captain will let us fly if we don’t cause any ruckus on the plane. Like really me and my 3 children are actually being threatened with getting kicked off of a plane for calling management at boarding. Spirit is not the airline you want to fly. Most assinine employees ever. Even the manager didn’t know why everyone was being charged $99 when the luggage was sized for carry on.

  69. Anonymous|

    More ghetto bull crap

  70. DM|

    It doesn’t matter if Spirit was right or wrong, if they’re a good airline or not or if they overcharge. There is a reason you need to be an adult to purchase airline tickets. Then again it’s the adults who behave much worse than the children. This does not give anyone the right to behave badly. This is plain out DISGUSTING. I am sad for the human race ?

  71. January SJ|

    A lot of these comments posting negative about the mother/daughter brawl are a disgrace to say the least. Anyone with a brain that can think rationally knows that the fight was not over baggage. Its over a smart ass nasty mouth and attitude from the airline employee. I have run into plenty of low life degenerate bs employee types who work in customer service & I’ve had to hold my tongue to keep from smacking a few to the floor ‘oh my sweet black Jesus’ has definitely helped me thru those trials & tribulations…..

  72. Sue|

    We as a society continue to act like animals.

  73. Brian Weir|

    The fact that I had to turn off my mobile device both ways for a 90 minute flight and Spirit Airlines survey asks if I enjoyed the free wifi says it all about this airline

  74. Mark H|

    The peasant class acting like peasants. I’m glad these airlines exist so these people stay off the primary carriers.

  75. Bill|

    I was told that they would gladly dispose of my bag if I did not want to pay the $$. I told them to take the fee and I would call visain the am to have it reversed. Then they tore up my ticket for saying that. It is a big surprise because this is not communicated in advance and some folks may not be able to pay the extra for their family on the spot. This is a manipulation of getting the customer in a situation where they have no choice. The company is responsible for their employee’s constantly being confronted and abused over this dishonest policy. If this company engages in this practice, are they maybe cutting corners on maintenance. Solution: don’t fly with these crooks.

  76. Jimmis|

    how did i already know they were black

  77. Steve|

    Trifling people lock their nasty &$$#@# up. You get what u pay for.

  78. Diane|

    Can’t tell from the video, who is the Spirit gate agent and who are the mother daughter passengers. So, why the racist remarks?

  79. Anonymous|

    My friend and I took a girl trip to Vegas last summer to visit a friend. I had heard all kind of bad advice about Spirit. Therefore, I was shocked. None of what I was told was tree.

    They were excellent. We were met on arrival to weigh our bags which was free and both of us packed heavy. The ticket agents were professional and kind.

    On the way back, my friend and I had booked at the last minute and failed to book a seat for her legs. She is very tall. We asked could she move. The attendant said they would try once the plane had been fully seated. They accommodated her with no charge.

    The plane was new, clean, and the smoothest flight I have ever had. I only fly first class with my husband.

    I agree with many who wrote above. They explain their policies in detail. I disagree with the unflattering comments about black people. There are rude, unkind, ignorant people in every race.

    P.S. I also enjoyed their snacks.:)

  80. Deb|

    I’m not condoning their behaviors, but the racist tropes need to stop! Making it about race, and class of people is pathetic. Major airlines have problems as well as discount carriers. If you can’t afford to own a plane or charter a private flight, you are not better than anyone else. I only fly when absolutely necessary!

  81. Ted|

    Is this the Waffle house or airport

  82. Dan Brinks|

    And this is why we moved to the suburbs and let certain people have their own jungle in the city. They are always causing problems and getting violent.

  83. Johannam73|

    The real problem here is that some people book a flight and don’t have their finances in order. And they probably didn’t have the money to pay for the fees they were being asked to pay. Or it would hinder their trip spending. Who knows why someone would get so triggered by a luggage fee. And actually attack another human being for it. That is just ridiculous. The way of violence these days. And then to tag team with your child. What kind of nonsense is that??? America’s future is looking great ??‍♀️

  84. Will Epps|

    That agent was probably happy she finally got to throw hands. Working with the public sucks. Most people don’t even have self respect these days. You can’t expect them to have respect for others. These days stepping outside your home is almost like walking into a prison yard.

  85. JOHN|

    Spirit is a garbage airline. They overbooked my flight and refused to allow me to board, didn’t refund my money and didn’t arrange another flight. I have no problem with their employees getting a beat down. Karma is a bitch!

  86. Brandon|

    I wish super harm on all these agents that work for these terrible airlines. You all deserve very bad things. I don’t care. People keep giving these airlines excuses and they treat people and their customers extremely bad. It’s not just luggage that they treat poorly it’s much more. Their practices should be illegal.

  87. Danita Jo watson|

    I am a savvy traveler. I am a frequent Spirit flyer I just know how to benefit from that low fare. They also have one of the best point structures in place. I have my American Tourister personal size bag, bring my own snacks and empty water bottle. Let them choose my seat because I don’t care but almost every time end up with a window seat. You have to know how to fly Spirit that’s all.

  88. Jimmy W Bartlett|

    BLM as far as their concerned it BLDM

  89. G|

    This is the end game of deregulation. Crappy air flight along with late stage capitalism nickel and diming citizens to the point where people become enraged.

  90. Deb|

    I am amazed at these comments. Egotistical.
    Racist. Rude. You all want to judge and feel self-righteous? Or aggrieved? God loves you.
    Let’s be kind and less hateful. Let’s not manipulate people into factions. I am surprised I got sucked into reading this. Makes me feel sad.

  91. Ronnie DeLorey|

    To make this incident about class and race is as ignorant as the argument and fight itself. If people of color don’t act by what you think is proper, you label a whole race by that? How despicable, racist and disgusting. I’ve seen people of all races and gender act like fools. I don’t chalk it up to thier class or race, I think that person is acting a fool. Race and class don’t belong in this conversation. There are just alot of unapologetic racist out there, sad.

  92. Richard Avila|

    Flown all three of those airlines and would rather fly the higher end airlines to stay away from the hood rats. Seems like everytime I have flown thess airlines trashy people have to screw it up.

  93. Lou Brunelli|

    Let’s see……Blacks fighting over minor fees for carry on luggage…..now there’s a surprise ??????

  94. Doug|

    They were wrong and need to be placed on a no fly list for 10 years. At the same time the government needs to step in and demand that airlines are more transparent about several issues. Prices should be listed, at the time of booking, with baggage and options to reduce the price by eliminating baggage articles. They should also be made to show what amenities are included in the fare. Someone who needs meds might need water or even a snack in flight. It would be nice for them to know your front if and what they’re going to pay. Surprise costs all to often lead to aggressive/frustrated customers. Transparency could easily solve that issue. Seat sizes can also be important to some people.

  95. Richard|

    I don’t fly on Spirit because I don’t want the hassle. And I have NO PITY for those who do… and then complain! Caveat emptor- buyer beware! It’s on YOU, THE CONSUMER. Know before you go.

  96. Frank|

    I shop Publix and Spouts.
    I fly pricier airlines.
    I dont go to flea markets or movie theaters.
    Ill pay more, so I dont have to rub shoulders with the 13%

  97. Jaime San Miguel|

    Once upon q time, Spirit Airlines had what they called the “$9 Club!” Yes, you could find, on a special promotion, one way fares in the continental US for $9 one way. And the overhead carry-on fees were $25 and the seat selection charge was $15. Well those days are long past in our rearview mirror. Spirit, like all the other airlines, are taking us for all they can get. Southwest might be the last one passenger friendly airlines standing. Look for them to buckle soon!

  98. D Robertson|

    During the pandemic in the summer of 2020, I was supposed to fly United Airlines to Houston, Texas for a wedding & fly back to LAX on Spirit. I was not able to travel due to health issues from a car accident. United Airlines refunded my money, but Spirit Airlines did not. They gave me flight credit. I’ve heard so much negative information about Spirit Airlines, that I would never fly their airlines. So the flight credit just sits there.

  99. Flygirl|

    As a flight attendant I can tell you that if you can pack wisely in an average size backpack, that will fit under the seat as a personal item. Also, make sure your bag is going to fit in that bin when you check in at the ticket counter. DON’T wait till you get to the gate during boarding to find out your bag is too big. It will cost almost double at the gate than at the ticket counter. The reason for this is to discourage people from waiting till they are boarding the plane to check the size of their bag. Waiting to this at the gate slows down the boarding process causing possible delays; delays that can cost the airline upwards to $64,000 per minute for a late take off. Also, stop and read all the signage posted literally everywhere in big black letters on bright yellow backgrounds. Spirit is very upfront about the fees. If you pack light you are golden, but if you need to bring more stuff with you, they are going to charge you for the weight you are bring on the plane since more weight means more fuel.

  100. Lee|

    Very simple: Leave Spirit alone, I am so grateful to be able to fly cheap. No bags, no nothing, just a meat body and a little backpack. Of course your neighbors seating next to you are sometimes the lowest class of society but just stay calm don’t talk for a few hours and you will save a bundle.

  101. Zach fry|

    Spirit is a garbage airline! the employees treat the passengers like trash because they are a budget airline and they figure it’s ok because these people spent as little as they could to travel. From the check in to the gate to the flight attendants it was a horrible experience, please never fly spirit!!! It’s well worth $150 to $200 to have a flight experience where the employees actually appreciate you as a customer!!!

  102. Marilyn Julian|

    Everyone talking about the women fighting, the extra charges, banning them for life. How about someone, ANYONE caring about the poor child crying & very upset about what he’s seeing!!! No one gave a crap for him.

  103. Ihsan Erden|

    Spirit Airlines is the worst. Never fly them. Last May my daughter and I flew Spirit to New Orleans from San Juan, PR. At the airport they charged us an outrageous fee for a slightly overweight bag (>$250), and only after a heated argument they lowered it to $175. We will never ever fly Spirit again. They are nasty

  104. Anonymous|

    The absolute worst!!!! I would walk before I give them one brown penny. Their customer service is horrible in person and over the phone. They All are just nasty. They’ll nickel and dime you to death. I hope they get sued and go bankrupt.

  105. The One|

    Just walk away. Typical black creating drama

  106. Kenneth|

    Low cost airlines are for profit companies and if you can’t figure out the fees then stay home. However… Spirit pays check in agents minimum wage base salary + commission based on number of “upsells” they make at check in. So agents are always going to push highest fees possible cause they earn from it. Can’t confirm this for other low cost airlines but surprised if it isn’t the same. Spirit is an ok airline with good deals but know what you buy before you fly.

  107. Carlos Csrlos|

    No usen esa aerolínea en una estafa te hacen creer que es económico pero al final te cuesta igual que cualquier otra aerolínea.

  108. Lyn T|

    The sad thing there is that child pleading with them to stop. That’s the awful thing.

  109. Chimp|

    I bet they were fighting because they go to different churches.

  110. Mark sebastian|

    SCAM that mother ( F ) spirit airline is a big airline scam ,,,,
    Last month of January I got 2 times get my flight cancelled to this mother( F) spirit airline from Denver to Oakland ca cancelled
    Just to get home on time I purchase another ticket in frontier air ,,,
    Next from Oakland to Las Vegas Cancelled
    All of this I didn’t get any refund,,,
    I talk to any other airline representative that the
    Spirit Airline they cancelled a flight if not more than 40 passengers worse experience p
    Please help, to get their money back
    SCAMMERS spirit airline WAKE UP

  111. Anony Mouse|

    Instead of paying for your bag now you have a felony and a bunch of fines and a ban from the airline. Perfectly sound logic….

  112. G L Watson|

    I’m sitting here at home on a Sunday morning, trying to arrange a business-class trip to Thailand in May, and I’m watching these ‘Hood-rats’ battle over bag fees… there are NO free lunches in life, guys… They didn’t show up to the Airport broke, and probably had the cash to pay the fees and go about their day…Play stupid games, and win stupid prizes… Cheap airfares aren’t always cheap and are never free. I always budget way over my needs and carry at least $2K in cash… This Thailand run has dozens of options but if you are not careful you could end up sitting for hours in a foreign Airport with NO services available… PLAN your trip, and have cash for unexpected services or fees…

  113. Grover L Watson|

    Don’t be cheap, and avoid the budget carriers like the plague….

  114. Melissa|

    As bad as this brawl is, I don’t blame them. My son and I flew across country from west to East with them and, it was a terrible experience. The seats were so uncomfortable and they charge way too much for drinks and snacks. We will never fly with them again!! We’ll be sticking with JetBlue.

  115. Arcadia Esther Rodriguez|

    I will never fly spirit again me and my husband flew from florida to Puerto rico fir a funeral and no problem checked are large suit case in had are carry in niw the problem was coming back from Puerto Rico we checked in two bags and when we went to where we had to go for departure theu made me pay for are two carry on pages they refused to left us on are flight mind you im Hispanic and the little jerk said to the other worker in Spanish juat know if she dont pay if dont for my two bags they will be staying with him of course i turned around and told him in Spanish you aint staying with nothing i guess he thought i didn’t know what he was saying i called and spoke to so many people from spirit and got no where i even contacted the better business burial still waiting to hear back next trip i definitely will choose a different one i will never use spirit

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