I think it’s safe to say that Apple AirTags and other similar tracking devices were the product of the year in 2022. When travel picked up this summer and more and more people started traveling since the pandemic began, airports and airlines really struggled to meet the demand. RELATED: Why Frequent Flyers Use Apple AirTags and Samsung SmartTags When They Travel

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These have undoubtedly been unprecedented times and everyone is doing their best to adjust. But when you’re traveling, you want things to go as smoothly as possible. Lost luggage is one surefire way to get your trip off to a bad start. So many travelers started taking matters into their own hands by using tracking devices.

You may recall the many stories we saw over the summer of lost luggage piling up at airports around the world. Here’s one example of what was going on at London’s Heathrow Airport:

@skynews A pile of luggage has been pictured at Heathrow Airport. A spokesperson said there was an ‘ongoing issue’ with Terminal 2’s baggage system. #Airport #Heathrow ♬ original sound – Sky News

That’s a terrible situation for travelers. In an article by Business Insider, airline executive Danny A. Cox, who is the Vice President of Guest Experience at Breeze Airways (the new startup founded by former JetBlue and WestJet founder and former JetBlue CEO, David Neeleman),  recommends passengers use a tracking device in their bags, something he says he’s been doing for years.

Cox told Business Insider: “The number one tip I have for traveling — and something that I’ve done for years — is buy an Apple AirTag or Tile device. For the last five years, I’ve traveled with an AirTag, even on my carry-on, because then I have more confidence when the airline asks me to gate-check my bag.”

You know the situation is bad when an airline executive is suggesting you track your bags yourself. But listen, it’s an added layer of protection and peace of mind when you travel. The airlines are doing the best they can. It’s certainly not in their best interest to lose your luggage but as we’ve seen lately, it happens and when it does, at least you’ll know exactly where your bag is.

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I’ve started traveling with Apple AirTags in my luggage and the peace of mind it provides is well worth the cost of the tracking device. Apple AirTags retail for $98 for a pack of four. The single Apple AirTags retail for $28 so the four-pack is a better value.

If you use an Android phone, Samsung SmartTags are a great choice and Tile devices can be used on both iOS and Android.

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