Whether you’re a bona fide oenophile or just a causal drinker who appreciates a fine glass of wine, there’s a Vantage Travel journey that will be just right for you. Many of their cruises and land excursions offer wine tastings, vineyard visits and seasonal grape harvesting, which is perfect for the traveler who wants to learn more about local wines in the regions they’re visiting. Here, we’ve rounded up 5 great Vantage Travel experiences for wine lovers:

The Douro: Portugal’s River of Gold + Spain
If you love Port wine, there’s no better place to enjoy it than in Oporto, it’s birth place. On this cruise, you’ll explore the quaint coastal town of Oporto and learn all about its Port traditions and you’ll have the opportunity to attend a tasting at Grahams Port and Wine Cellars, a local winery that will offer you a wonderful introduction to Port. And while there are plenty of opportunities to sample and savor the delightful wines that comes from one of the most famous wine regions in the world, you can also take part in picking the grapes, attend a wine festival and learn the proper way to open and decant a bottle of vintage Port.

Switzerland and the Heart of the Rhine + Moselle
This cruise will appeal to oenophiles who are interested in learning more about the rich wine traditions that stem from this part of the world. Traveling from one town to another, guests will get to experience the wine culture of the Rhine and Moselle rivers. Stops include Bernkastel, where you’ll get to taste local wines and have lunch at a wine estate and Cochem, where you’ll enjoy a glass of Riesling during a guided tour of Reichsburg Castle. This itinerary also includes a full-day tour along the Alsatian Wine Route where guests will enjoy wine tastings in Colmar and Riquewihr as well as on the ship with the on-board sommelier!

Normandy and the D-Day Beaches
This cruise will appeal to the traveler who’s interested in the relationship between food and wine and who wants to sample many delicious fine wines. On this itinerary, guests will get to try calvados, an apple brandy that’s from the Normandy region and learn more about local traditions surrounding food and drink. You’ll get an introduction to the culture of drinking in France and enjoy a wine-pairing dinner on-board the ship. This itinerary marries food and drink together perfectly, making it a wonderful option for both food- and wine-lovers alike.

Best of Africa: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana & Namibia
The wine industry in South Africa was born in the late 17th century with the arrival of French Huguenots who brought their knowledge of wine with them. Not only is this region of the world well-known for its incredible wines but the landscape of vineyards will take your breath away. Your excursion to Cape Town, will be unforgettable as you travel through this stunning setting and take a 45-minute drive to Franschhoek and Stellenbosch where you’ll enjoy a day of wine tasting and touring the estates.

Australia and New Zealand: An Adventure Down Under
Wine is big in Australia and New Zealand and on this journey, you’ll better understand why. The vintage wines you’ll find here are sure to please and so will the wine region itself, with its spectacular natural beauty. On this itinerary, guests will visit Gibbston’s Winery. You’ll learn all about local wine culture, while sampling some wines of course and take in the dramatic scenery you won’t soon forget.

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    It’s just majestic. Great Article of Awesome Place.I just always in search of these types of places.

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    I love these options! I have to visit the different wineries listed here.

  3. 51 Pinot|

    Reading some of the traveler reviews of Vantage Travel would make me very unlikely to use them. I realize that “reviews” can be manufactured but the sheer number of negatives is a bit unnerving. No thanks

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    Awesome places,want to have a visie there.

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    Being a wine lover ,I was exactly seeking something similar to this.Great article indeed!!

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    Very relaxing place, I hope we can travel this year!

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    I lived in Cape Town for 7 years and never got to visit even half the wineries in the area. Definitely a recommendation I would give.

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